Iowa Expungement Attorneys

Stowers & Sarcone, PLC are your Iowa Expungement Attorneys. Is your criminal record preventing you from getting a job? Is it stopping you from renting an apartment? Do you want you record expunged? Stowers & Sarcone can help! For as little as $350 Dean Stowers and Nick Sarcone can help you get your criminal record expunged.

Your case may be eligible for expungement under the following circumstances:

  • You received a deferred judgment
  • You were convicted of a crime which permits automatic expungement after two years (e.g. Public Intoxication)
  • Your case was dismissed
  • You were acquitted or found not guilty

If your case meets any of these criteria or if you are unsure whether it does, call Iowa Expungement Attorneys Dean Stowers and Nick Sarcone of Stowers & Sarcone, PLC at (515) 224-7446. A criminal record doesn’t have to follow you forever. Let us help you clear your criminal record for as little as $350. Dean and Nick are experienced criminal defense attorneys who will make the expungement process quick and easy. Get that job, find that apartment and do the things you want with your clean record. Call (515) 224-7446! Call Now!

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