Child Pornography Investigation: Police seize computers, phones.

Child pornography investigations often start like this:

The police show up at your home or business and execute a search warrant.  They seize your computers, phones, hard drives and other electronics. You had no idea you were under investigation. You’re in shock. You’re scared. And, your family had no idea. Now you have to explain it to your wife. What do you do? It’s a nightmare.

We handle multiple child pornography cases every year. Most begin with some version the aforementioned story. But child pornography investigations do not end with the search warrant. Your electronics are sent to a federal lab for analysis. The police search for any evidence of child pornography. They can uncover hidden directories and recover deleted files. Nothing you viewed or stored on your computer or phone is safe. The analysis may take months or years to complete.

It is difficult to face anyone under these circumstances. But, immediately hiring an experienced lawyer can significantly improve your situation. Federal child pornography charges have mandatory minimum sentences starting at 5 years. Some charges have 10 or 20 year mandatory minimums. An experienced lawyer can immediately start advocating to influence the government’s charging decision. Moreover, an experienced lawyer can advise you on positive, proactive steps to take while awaiting charges. The worst thing is to sit around and wait for the government’s hammer to drop.

Federal child pornography law is complex and the risks are high. Dean Stowers and Nick Sarcone have years of experience handling federal child pornography cases. We know how to advocate for you before charges are filed and how to handle your case if charges are filed. We will not judge you. We will help you. Contact us at 515-224-7446.

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